After the Snow

Please indulge me!

I’m only a couple of days into this blogging lark and I’m already straying from my garden and kitchen.

But I think my “foody” experience today will inspire some new recipes¬† – that’s my excuse anyhow.

This is how it all fell into place.

Today I went to the Phoenix Gym in Norwich to lift weights with vegan personal trainer and nutritionist, Paul Kerton, aka Hench Herbivore.

It was a real pleasure after being hamstrung and housebound for almost a week by the snow.

Our session finished at lunchtime and I was starving. So I wandered up to Norwich Market.

There’s been a market here since the 11th century and most stalls are open six days a week

As well as vintage clothes, grocers, bakers and basket makers there’ve always been food outlets here.

The Mushy Pea stall used to be my favourite, served with white pepper and mint sauce, when I was a student 35 years ago.

There’s other traditional British fare – like fish and chips and fried breakfasts.

But recently it’s become a little more cosmopolitan!

Since the city council reluctantly agreed to allow more hot food on Norwich market there’s been an explosion of world food including Cocina Mia

Cocina Mia is bright and clean.

It’s the first time I’ve eaten there and I have to say I was seriously impressed by Ana Bridgman’s cooking and welcoming smile.

I had three butternut squash flatbreads with a selection of salad – beetroot, quinoa, tomato with coriander and a potato salad specially made with a lemon dressing for me as the stock offering was slathered in non vegan mayo.

All for a fiver!

Chef proprietor Ana Bridgman who’s been battling the big freeze of the past week including a burst water pipe and a sudden drop in trade because of the bad weather

I definitely want to recreate the flatbreads and see if I can bake them in a hot oven rather than have them fried (although I’m not complaining – they were crunchy and slightly sweet – perfectly paired with the chilli salsa that they came with).

Sopaipillas, salsa and a selection of salads

There are many vegan options at stalls on Norwich Market – just ask.

There’s also Bia Vegan Diner and Kind Food that are dedicated to plant based cuisine.





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