Finding flowers a new home

I’ve been promising myself Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) lessons for a few months and I finally got round to booking a course of six via Zoom.

I’d watched a couple of videos by Junko on YouTube and decided to contact her.

She is now back in Japan after living and teaching in London.

She’s been practicing the Ikenobo form of Ikebana since her teens.

I ordered a couple of large white chrysanthemums and some much smaller purple ones from the local florist.

I cut some variegated willow from the garden – along with some other stuff that I didn’t end up using.

The lesson went really well. I’d bought a kenzan (the steel pin flower holder) and used a wide bowl as my vase.

I followed Junko’s instructions and was very content with the result.

During the lesson Junko-sensei said a couple of things that made an impression on me.

You have to talk to the flowers and plant material as if they are human beings.

You must ask them where and how they’d like to be arranged.

They all have a shady and a sunny side.

And your job is to find them a new home!









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