Getting Ready For The Coming Year

It’s time to get your growing on!

I’m just starting to awaken from my winter hibernation partly prompted by some seed swaps.

This year it’s proving difficult to source seeds from some suppliers.

Two of my favourites – the Seed Cooperative and Tamar Organics – are only open for online orders for a limited time each week.

But I did manage to include Costata Romana courgette and Blue Solaise leek seeds in a big order I did before Christmas for mainly flower and ornamental grass seed.

This year I’m adding a cut flower garden to the mix – it seems to be quite the rage at the moment. I’ve used a plan from “The Cut Flower Patch” by Louise Curley which includes sweet peas (this year I’m growing a variety called Jilly in addition to saved seed from my multicoloured ones), miniature sunflowers called Vanilla Ice, cosmos, dahlias, larkspur, ammi visnaga, a couple of sorts of cornflowers, a stunning chrysanthemum called Ruby Mound and so on… the list is too long!

There’s also a great podcast called Lets Grow Girls which I recommend for more information about growing cut flowers.

Sweet peas and first carrots from last year

I mentioned swaps but because of Covid the annual Norwich event’s had to go online as mass gatherings are, of course, forbidden.

A Facebook group of seed swappers in Norwich has yielded a couple of very kind offers for seed potatoes including some Duke of York, first earlies, which I’ve always wanted to try and some savoy cabbage seed.

Another appeal prompted a friend of mine in Northampton to offer some celeriac seed. Thanks Sally!

So life is bountiful as ever and the recent human contact albeit online has got my gardening whiskers twitching.

Last year I grew a couple of varieties of broad beans – this year I’m sticking with the decorative ones

I can’t wait to get started – this coming week it’s sweet peas, crimson flowered broad beans, broccoli raab, spinach which did very well last year, radish, fennel, coriander, dill and chillies!












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  1. Sounds good, Cath. We need something to cheer us up and get us looking forward. Seed sowing does both of those things! Maybe we can do some swaps, too.

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