Heaven Sent Help

I was feeling really overwhelmed last week.

I have so many pot and module sown plants that are bursting out of their containers desperate to get into the ground.

Two weeks ago it was the cold weather and strong winds that made me hold off.

Now it’s my physical limitations which are slowing me down.

Over the past week I’ve managed to plant eight tomato plants in the lee of the warm brick wall where they’ve done well before.

They’re a mixture of Baby Plum, Red Star and Tigerella.

A month or so ago I  popped in a couple of rows of blight resistant potatoes, Sarpo Mira and Sarpo Axona joined a few days later by some Anya and Pink Fir Apple.

Four courgette plants, yellow and green and two cucumbers are also safely tucked up in the same bed at the bottom of the garden, fringed by a line of sweet peas.

I then wrestled for a whole day to erect the brassica cage to net my PSB (Purple Sprouting Broccoli).

I was running out of steam and wondered if the baby leeks, beans, squash and mange tout peas would ever see adulthood.

As if on cue, our half-a-day a week gardener, Sarah, has been approached by a friend who wants to volunteer (to get experience) in our garden.

She’ll supervise her in the ornamental garden but I’m hoping they may also be able to help me a little with the veg.

And luckily my friend Alex was free today.

She helped erect some trellis and wigwams for climbing plants.

It took us all day to do – the ground is so hard and dry that it was quite hard to get the stakes in.

The Hokkaido squash which are my favourites have gone in next to the trellis – I’m hoping to grow them vertically for the first time.

The Carouby de Maussane mange tout peas have some chicken wire and bamboo poles to scramble up.

We’ve protected them from the pigeons with some netting.

And I’ve planted the Cosse Violette climbing french beans rather too close together around a bamboo  tepee.

Last but not least, I think I have found somewhere for the remaining couple of winter squash (Crown Prince) – the compost heap at the top of the garden looks the perfect place for them.

By the way it’s not all hard work; we are harvesting spinach,  asparagus, artichokes, coriander, parsley, rhubarb, the odd volunteer potato and chives.

I’ve also been baking sourdough bread twice a week.

It’s taken a couple of goes to get into the groove but I reckon I cracked it on loaf number 3!

Thanks to Fynn, Jo, Caroline, Kate, the Elliots, Norfolk Organic Group, Willy, Di, my Mum/Jan and others from Norwich Seed Swap for seeds and plants.

Rob for moral support.

And Jenny for the sourdough starter.

You are all amazing.









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