Hedgehog Rescue

Remember back in September my friends Joyce and Steve saw a hedgehog ambling up the drive?

It was the third or fourth time we’d spotted one in the garden during the summer.

Unfortunately they are at risk of being run over on the road outside our house.

Even though it is a country lane there’s no speed limit.

Despite this there seem to be a fair few that survive and a couple of years ago I spotted a weird domed structure made out of grass and leaves under the bay tree which turned out to be a summer hedgehog nest!

Today one of the builders re-laying the terrace found a very small, quite comatose hedgehog out in the open, still breathing.

This young hedgehog is only the size of my hand. They need to weigh between 500 and 600g to hibernate successfully and survive the winter

I rang round some rescue places and was directed to a woman who fosters these young ones who are too underweight to survive the winter.

She told me she’s had 30 brought to her in the last few days!

She suggested I wrap a glass bottle full of very hot water in an old sock (in lieu of a hot water bottle which I didn’t have).

I put that tucked into a box and partially covered it with an old towel and Michael put the tiny hedgehog the other side of the box.

I drove 20 miles to the rescue charity’s foster mum and delivered it safe and sound.

By the time I got there it had snuggled up close to the heat source.

It’s estimated that the number of hedgehogs has fallen dramatically over the past fifty years from around three million to one million.

There’s some more information¬†here about creating better, safer environments for them.


2 thoughts on “Hedgehog Rescue”

  1. Wonderful Cath. Quite a number at Trowse have been taken to rescue centre at Long Stratton over the summer mainly babies because they think that Mum has been squashed in the road . So sad but at least this wonderful woman is looking after them for the winter. It is a wonderful thing that you have done. xxx

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