Lettuce seeds before pricking out

Hot, hot, cold!


“Hottest April Day since 1949!” shriek the headlines!

OK – so temperatures did nudge 25 or 26 Celsius this past few days but as we all know things can change very fast – and this coming week – values are predicted to halve to 13C!!

herbaceous borderIt makes it difficult to know what seed to sow directly into my small patch of newly spread fine compost (the rest is very rough and needs a month or two to rot down in situ).

Anyway I took the plunge and now have a short row each of Milan purple topped turnip, Reite Rosen 2 carrot, parsnip and Ishikura spring onion.

I watered the drill with very weak seaweed solution (1 small cap per large watering can full) before I shook the seeds in and then trod in lightly the covering of dry soil on the top.

I may cover with fleece in the next couple of days to keep it warm.

I’ve been pricking out lettuce and chicory that was sown about three weeks ago… fiddly but satisfying.

And I’ve sowed some old yellow courgette seed and pumpkin seed.

The latter was saved and given to me by my former yoga teacher Cilla and her partner Julie.

I soaked it in water with a little seaweed solution first to see if that improves germination.

I expect Hokkaido type Uchiki Kuri pumpkins.

Other jobs I have on my list for this week are:

  • planting out small clumps of leek seedlings (I sowed them three or four to a module)
  • putting in supports for my mangetout peas which are already in ground and soon to be joined by some baby brothers and sisters
  • rebuilding a couple of compost heaps
  • sowing some more courgette seeds (variety called Costates Romanesco) – I may put them in the airing cupboard if the weather stays grey and miserable
  • pricking out more lettuce and my magic cauliflower mix of seedlings
  • sowing kale and more beetroot in modules
  • harvesting the amazing heads of perennial nine star cauliflower that have started to come and more chard that has overwintered

I hope you are enjoying being busy and productive in the garden.

Costates Romanesco Courgettes
Costates Romanesco Courgettes growing well last summer




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