Merry Christmas

I’m cheating this year and sending you all my love and best wishes via this blog post.

I’m afraid I didn’t get round to cards.

But I received some stunning handmade ones as well as some others that are beautiful and adorning the shelves in our kitchen.

The recent news that we are back in full lockdown has made this Christmas seem grim but knowing that you are thinking of us and we of you is uplifting.

Thanks for reading my blog and encouraging me to continue.

So far my best and surprise Christmas present is a new pair of boots sent to me for free by Blundstones after the soles on my previous ones disintegrated.

I’m almost as excited by the box they came in which will serve very well as a container for all my seeds!

As I write on Christmas Eve afternoon I’ve just had my first mulberry vodka and tonic! Hic!

Cheers! And I hope we can meet in 2021!

Love Cath xxx







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