Repair and reuse

I hate throwing things away.

I was using our old spade to dig out some huge, entrenched clumps of day lilies and the handle snapped off.

It was riddled with woodworm!

I thought I might be able to repair it but didn’t have a vice to hold it while I tried to change the shaft and handle.

Then I remembered that Mum knows a man from her gardening club, Alan Drake, who sharpens our tools and I thought he might be able to do it.

Alan’s come up trumps and has done a wonderful job.

It’s so much better than the cheap plastic handle and rotten shaft.

He did point out before he took it away that I should look after my tools better!

To his horror there was dirt on the steel spade.

Well it’s back now and being “no dig” I won’t be using it too much!

But I will look and admire it as a thing of great simplicity, beauty and effectiveness.

And I will clean it and rub linseed oil into it every time I do use it!

It’ll join my lovely antique  pitchfork I bought at Strumpshaw Tree Fair two years ago and make a very nice pair.







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