Soft fruit failure

Usually this bush would be dripping in jewel like redcurrants

This year we’ve had a series of “disasters” with our strawberries, gooseberries,
raspberries, and redcurrants.

I badly pruned the goosegobs and redcurrants – cutting back the wood which would have borne the fruit!

Luckily we still have six pounds of frozen redcurrants to use from last year’s prolific harvest.

The strawberry plants were grazed by deer early in the season and never recovered.

I must protect them next year.

And I fear the same has happened to our raspberries which have never been heavy croppers but have given a pitiful yield this year.

No fruit at all on the raspberry canes

But on the bright side the pears, apples, quince and damsons look promising.

There are lots of damsons that should be ready to pick in a month’s time

And I’ve planted a new jostaberry which still looks like a stick in the ground but hopefully will branch out next year.

And in other news – despite white onion rot – my cuisse de poulet shallots are looking good.

Shallots grown from seed

Fingers crossed they make it to harvest time.





2 thoughts on “Soft fruit failure”

    1. Oh how awful.

      Mine definitely have not been munched by rats.

      Although my beetroot have been eaten by rodents.

      They need netting to grow to maturity!

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