Easy No Peel Apple Sauce

There are huge numbers of windfalls under two of the apple trees.

I can’t bear them going to waste so I decided to cook, puree and freeze them.

I’ve just realised there’s a much easier way to process them that avoids peeling and coring them.

Scrub the windfalls vigorously

Wash the fruit well, quarter and remove any blemishes.

Then bung everything in a big pan with two or three cupfuls of water and steam the apples with the lid on.

After about twenty minutes they are cooked through but they still hold their shape and haven’t disintegrated.

Ladle them into a mouli/food mill with a slotted spoon (to drain any excess liquid) and push through with the rotating handle and blade.

The soft apple is separated from the skin and cores.

Wonderfully easy.

I’ve frozen the first two bucketfuls.

Tomorrow I’ll bottle a similar amount.

Good for breakfast on top of porridge or apple pie.

I have also seen cake recipes where apple sauce is called for as a healthy alternative to fat.