Smothered Kale and Peas with Garlic

This is the best kale recipe I’ve come up with!

The light, bright sweetness of the peas perfectly complements the dark, slightly bitter taste of the kale.

It’s very easy and will become a staple this winter, I think.

I have grown three different types of kale; ‘Peacock White’, ‘Red Sutherland’ and dark green Tuscan kale otherwise known as ‘Cavolo Nero’.

I used the latter for this dish.

I always wash well – two or three times in clean water.

And I always strip the leaf from the stem before steaming.

I steam the kale in a large pan with just the water that’s clinging to it after washing it.

I cover the pan and then after a couple of minutes turn the kale to make sure the leaves at the top are on the bottom and get cooked evenly.

I remove after about three or four minutes and drain into a colander in the sink.

Then when it’s cooler and I’m able to handle it, I squeeze all the remaining moisture from the kale with my hands – I now have a ball of kale that I finely slice or chop.


I then heat two tablespoons of olive oil and add two cloves of finely sliced garlic stirring until they start to turn a pale golden colour.

Add 200g of the finely chopped or sliced steamed kale and stir fry for a couple of minutes.

Then add 150g of peas (I used organic frozen ones) and a cup of stock.

Partially cover and cook until most of the stock has evaporated or boiled away.