Make a Christmas Wreath

Today I made a Christmas wreath for our front door.

We probably won’t bother with a tree this year – the wreath is a better, more simple alternative for our little lockdown household of two!

I gathered some bay prunings after Jonathan trimmed the tree back this afternoon.

Nearby there’s a yew hedge so I cut a few fronds of that as a contrast.

I then added some variegated willow and skimmia, which is in flower, to brighten it up.

I would have used holly for the berries but there are very few this year as it’s been trimmed back recently!

You can see in the photo above that I made a circular frame out of some thick plastic coated wire I found lying around in the shed.

I then followed this method to make the wreath using thinner wire to attach the greenery.

I re-used an orange ribbon to tie it to the front door knocker.

It turned out pretty well I think!

UPDATE: I fretted about the lack of moisture the wreath would have so I took it down and wrapped soaked moss from the lawn in clumps/balls around the stems and wet them again. Then re-hung it. I will spray the hidden moss at the back with water every couple of days to try and keep it fresh.