Pilates and My Recovery

I just thought I’d share how much Pilates has helped me over the past year.

I’d practised yoga before my secondary cancer diagnosis and hip replacement.

But my yoga teacher had retired and I was keen to find a form of exercise and physio that would take into account the operation and the limited mobility it had left me with on my right side.

My friend, Al, who’s done Pilates for years recommended it and I remembered reading about “Pink Ribbon” Pilates instructors who’ve trained in helping cancer survivors.

Pilates teacher, Christina Fulcher

I tracked down Christina Fulcher, who has a studio in Norwich, and started hour long sessions twice a week with her.

Here’s a link to her website.

More recently, due to Covid, we’ve been working together on Zoom.

When I first visited her a year ago, four months post-op, I wasn’t even sure about lying on the floor and getting up again.


Great rehabilitation tool

I had a Blue Badge so I could park easily and close to where I wanted to go and I couldn’t cycle or garden.

I was lacking in confidence; physically and mentally.

Fast forward to the present and both of us are amazed at the progress I’ve made.

I can get up and down from the floor easily.

I’m much stronger and I’ve come to know my body and my limits and how far I can push myself – most of the time!

The other day I found myself walking round Strumpshaw Fen with a friend and before I realised it I’d covered twice the distance I’d done the last time.

I’m also able to cycle to the doctors a couple of miles away.

Pilates has been a great rehabilitation tool for me.

I love it!