perennial cauli stalks

The edible garden – cauliflower and millet soup

The perennial nine star cauliflower yielded what I think will be its last florets until next spring.

I wasn’t expecting anymore but when I was walking past the veiled hoops that I put up a couple of weeks ago to protect them – I saw one of the two plants had put on a last flush of growth.

Anyway, I remembered I had about a third of a pristine, shop-bought cauli in the fridge that I didn’t know what to do with.

I thought of adding the two together to make Creamed Cauliflower and Millet soup from a brilliant book I bought in an a secondhand shop recently.

This excellent book is by Emanuela Stucchi
This has saved me the trouble of writing out the recipe! I used vegetable stock instead of water
I sauteed the chopped cauliflower first, then added the well rinsed millet
About a litre of vegetable stock is added and the soup is simmered for about half an hour
The soup is blitzed with a magic wand and finely chopped flat leaf parsley is added

It’s a very simple yet delicious recipe using a highly nutritious grain and fresh cauliflower and parsley.

Try it!

You can get millet from a wholefoood shop.

In other news

My old school friend Jenny and her daughters Mara and Freya came and stayed for three days.

We enjoyed cooking curry one night. Mara is an accomplished cook already.

They also helped sow seeds including purple amaranth and peppermint!

Sowing on the terrace in the early summer heat

I have almost finished excavating the finished compost – sieving it so it’s fine means I can use it for potting on kale, red cabbage and cauliflower plants.

I’ve also weeded the asparagus bed and interplanted it with small lettuce seedlings – green oak and brun d’hiver.

A couple of crystal lemon cucumber plants have gone in.

The vegetable garden at dusk

I’m also about to plant very small, miserable looking chicory called grumolo verde.

I’m hoping they will feel much better about life and the universe once they’re in their final planting positions.

And finally – yesterday we had torrential downpours (parts of Norwich were flash flooded) so I added another water butt to decant/siphon off the overflow from the original one outside the glasshouse.

I also cleaned the gutters and removed some of the moss on the roof – although I think we need someone professional to come and clean the bits higher up!

Other garden jobs I must do!

  • plant out marigold seedlings
  • turn new compost heaps and consolidate both adding QR activator
  • plant out Blue Hungarian and Candy Roaster Squash
  • sow red Treviso chicory and Florence fennel
  • sow carrots (it’s going to be cooler this next couple of days)
  • sow Red Perilla (Shiso leaves) from old seed – fingers crossed
  • erect bean tepees and plant out various varieties
  • get some more big cardboard boxes (bike shops have them) to continue creating new mulched beds – the fruit bushes are nearly done
  • make elderflower cordial (with pink flowers!)

As well as the perennial cauliflower we’ve been harvesting loads of cut and come again lettuce, chard, asparagus and the first delicate green garlic bulbs which have within them pearl like cloves that really are unmatched in flavour…

The Carouby de Mausanne peas are just coming into flower – the most gorgeous burgundy and violet blooms that will soon be tender pea pods.











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